Support Materials

You are welcome to download the guide and materials below in order to run this resource in your organisation. In order to use this resource in your organisation you do need some technical skills, along with access to a mobile device which has a NFC chip.

Hotspot1v2 Hotspot16 Hotspot23 Hotspot30


It is recommended that users have access to free WiFi, in order to avoid data costs on mobile devices. NFC technology is present on most Android and Windows Phone devices. It is currently not available on Apple iOS devices. In order to make this resource available to Apple users we have supplied a sheet of QR code stickers to be placed below the hot-spot. The QR codes will connect users to the resource if their phone does not support NFC but is capable of running apps.


We aim to be able to distribute pre-made Hot-spot cards to organisations to enable the roll-out of this resource. The pre-made cards would be supplied as a set of 35 which could easily be placed on walls throughout your campus. No further set up would be required before they could be used by NFC enabled devices.


Quick Start Guide

Click here to download (doc)

Hotspots Pack(PDF/Word)

In order to access the resources users need to interact with NFC or QR hotspots. These files will allow you to print the hotspots and attach QR codes and/or set up NFC access points.

Click here to download (zip 17.1mb)

Posters (PDF)

In order to promote the resource you are welcome to print and display the following A4 posters.

poster1-Bluehandweb poster2-orangehandweb

poster3-purpleandweb poster3-greyhandweb

Click here to download (zip 3.8mb)