NFC Support

Near Field Communication or NFC is a developing wireless communication technology. It allows for the transfer of data between a mobile device and a NFC tag. The tag is activated by a NFC enabled device when it is very close, typically within 5cm. A programmed tag can command the NFC device to do something such as play a sound, display a message or open a web address.

NFC Tag – Wikimedia/HenryWortel

NFC technology is present in an increasing number of mobile devices. At present Android and Windows Phone devices typically contain a NFC chip which can progress this data. For this project we used Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet, Motorola’s Moto G Smartphone and Windows Phone Nokia 920.

Apple’s iPhone 6, and latest iPads contain a NFC chip, however these can’t be used to read NFC tags. It is thought by many that Apple will enable this feature soon. In order to offer compatibility we used QR Code stickers which can be scanned by any Smartphone.

A list of compatible devices is found here (maintained by

More information on NFC tags can be found here.